Historical vegetation distributions

The staff in the EAS group have a strong interest in understanding the historical / former distribution of species and plant communities across the landscape.  An appreciation of these former distributions greatly enhances insights into the ecological processes that were responsible for the patterns of vegetation. Many of these factors are still relevant to the current distribution of vegetation, but are also important in understanding the prospects  for ecological restoration / revegetation efforts.

There is considerable body of work awaiting publication, however there are several publications relevant to this research area including:

Sinclair SJ, Atchison K (2012) The pre-colonial distribution of grasslands, woodlands and forests on the Werribee plains, Victoria.  Cunninghamia  213-227.

Sinclair SJ, White MD, Medley J, Smith E, Newell GR (2012). Mapping the past: Constructing a digital land-use history map for Victoria, Australia.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria.

Sinclair SJ, Boon PI (2012) Changes in the area of coastal marsh in Victoria since the mid 19th century.  Cunninghamia 12 153-176.

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