Peter Griffioen (Ecoinformatics)

In his years at Trimble Navigation in ‘Silicon Valley’ Peter became the go-to person for large and complex data sets generated by GPS receivers. He developed software to analyse these data to optimise performance of Trimble’s high precision GPS systems.

Peter began applying these data analytic skills to ecological problems when he returned to Australia to commence a PhD at La Trobe university supervised by Professor Mike Clarke. His studies centred on detection and description of large-scale movements of birds through analysis of data within extensive bird observation databases. This research received best student paper from the ‘Emu’ journal and was featured in their centenary edition of the journal.

As a consulting scientist to DELWP, La Trobe, Deakin and Monash universities, Peter has worked on a interesting array of projects including:

  • detection and modelling the distribution, type and health of native vegetation
  • classification of bat species from call recordings
  • codifying the development of processes for the production of species distribution models for thousands of flora and fauna species
  • development of modelling and mapping tools to support numerous monitoring and inventory projects such as Red Gum health, fishways monitoring databases and catch and return databases, Mallee fire mapping for biodiversity monitoring and modelling

Peter uses a wide variety of software tools in his work, but often develops new software to perform complex calculations and data handling processes, enabling the EAS group to automate and optimise computationally-intensive tasks. The major software tool that Peter has developed for DELWP is called ‘ApplyPrediction’, and uses multi-threaded and distributed architecture to simultaneously use many computers across a network to work on a single task. This computational resource is used for creating spatial outputs from extremely complex mathematical models, including the production of thousands of species distributional models extending across south-eastern Australia.

Peter is currently the Director & Principal Engineer / Scientist with Ecoinformatics Pty. Ltd. and can be contacted at



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